CC3000TYPEVKEM: Murata Type VK SimpleLink WiFi evaluation module

CC3000TYPEVKEM: Murata Type VK SimpleLink WiFi evaluation module
Giá: 1,085,000 VNĐ
Số lượng: Mua ngay
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SimpleLink™ CC3000 Wi-Fi is a self-contained wireless solution that simplifies the process of implementing Internet connectivity. SimpleLink Wi-Fi minimizes host microcontroller (MCU) software requirements making it the ideal solution for embedded applications using any low-cost/low-power MCU.

The SimpleLink CC3000 Wi-Fi solution is provided as a module to reduce development time, lower manufacturing costs, save board space, ease certification, and minimize RF expertise required. Additionally, it is provided as a complete platform solution including software drivers, sample applications, API guide, user documentation and a world-class support community. The CC3000-TypeVK is the module provided by our partner, Murata. +A35.

  • Standards
    • 802.11b/g, Station
  • RF Performance
    • Tx Power: +20dBm @ 11Mbps (CCK)
    • Rx sensitivity: -89dBm @ 11Mbps (CCK)
  • Antenna (off module)
    • Chip antenna design
  • Clock
    • Crystal
  • Size
    • 16.5 × 11.5 × 2.1 mm
  • Differentiation
    • Low cost & high volume
  • Wi-Fi security modes
    • WEP, WPA / WPA2 (AES and TKIP – Personal)
  • Embedded networking software
    • TCP/IP stack (IPv4 - DHCP client, DNS, ARP), Wi-Fi driver, embedded security supplicant (WPA / WPA2 – Personal), Auto transmit calibration
  • Host interface
    • SPI @ 16MHz
  • Shutdown mode
    • <5uA using FET
  • Host MCU driver required
    • As low as 6KB Flash and 3KB RAM host memory requirements